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Noob question



I’m just starter.

I have noob question.

How can I detect module connection dynamically?

I already knew about gadgeteer diagram. I just focus on dynamically.

Thank you for reading my noob question.


@ kals323 - Gadgeteer was not built for the dynamic addition of modules at run time. What would you like to achieve?


@ andre.m - thank you so much :slight_smile:


@ Mike - Just curious :slight_smile: thank you so much.


Just thinking out loud …

Would it be possible to have a module that had 3 sockets

1st - input from the mainboard
2nd - output to another socket on the mainboard
3rd - pass through and a monitor

The monitor would sense if another module was connected – either via data on the pins or voltage or current or some other means.

The output from the 2nd port listed about would allow programmatic feedback if the module was in use or not. It would probably make sense to make it a daisy link so that only 1 socket would used to monitor many ports.