Noob question. Power to the board

A very simple question.

Looking to make my spider mobile. To power the board (not the motors) I was considering:

5V 2.1Amp total output plugged into the usb port.

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. Would it be safe for me to use this?
As far as I know a standard usb port is 5v 0.5Amp.
But not sure if the battery would have 2.1Amps available, or if it would be forcing 2.1Amps and fry the board?

Or does any kind person have another low cost non-soldering solution?

After two Xboxes, one Ps2, one WII, and various other electronic devices, I have been banned from using a soldering iron in the apartment.

Yes you can use this to power your FEZ

I’m currently using this one:

And it seems to work fine on the 1.5amp port.


think of the 2.1A piece here as a “maximum the power supply can supply”. It won’t “force” current into a device, the device needs to “demand” it. If the device tries to draw more than 2.1A, then the power supply can’t (reliably? at all?) provide that, it’s outside it’s spec. Outside the spec, it’s behaviour can’t be determined, it might shut down, it might burn up, the voltage may drop significantly, or it might just safely handle it, you may not know.

Thank you,

Hardware is much more frightning than software. If you get the software wrong, the system does nothing. If you get the hardware wrong, the partner is upset at you for destroying another item. :slight_smile:

Try not to think of it as destroying, rather you are simply altering the device to a non-functional state :smiley: