Noob question about github

Never used github before, other than downloading code that I need. My question is… as far as I understand, github is FREE for “open software” ,but if I place a program like Visual Studio 2008 express version offline installation or Microsoft Robotics Studio R3 or any other proprietary software; I have to pay the fee… right… and Microsoft or the owner/s of the software can take it down as they wish … right?

GitHub is meant to control source code. None of those things you have mentioned to me even need source control, they are things that are (or were) downloadable elsewhere. I personally wouldn’t even contemplate adding them to a GitHub repo…but I don’t really know what you’re trying to achieve by doing what you’re thinking…

Edit: but the pricing I can see on the web simply talks about whether you want to control who can access your repo, if that is “open” and “public” then you don’t have a fee; if you need to restrict that (typically like a commercial company would want to) then you have to have a paid offering

@Brett… yeah, I got the same idea after watching a couple of YouTube videos about the subject; if I want to share a couple of files like exe., pdf, schematics, and etc… github isn’t the solution, only if I want to share a code and have other ppl modify it as they want, without affecting the original code unless I want it to. I believe that is correct. Thanks Brett for the confirmation.

If you want to attach a few files (exe’s, PDFs, Schematics) to a wider project, because they’re an integral part of someone else continuing the project, then yes, GitHub can be your place. But if all you’re looking for is a web home for those bits stand alone, then you should just use a file sharing service, and you may have to pay for that…

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