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Non-Volatile Memory - FEZ Domino


Is there any non-volatile memory that I can use in the FEZ Domino? Usually microcontrollers have some built-in EEPROM or something. I know I could use the battery ram with a backup battery installed or just add-on some EEPROM, but those are last resorts. On-board non-volatile memory is an essential for even the most basic embedded applications, but I can’t find any available on the FEZ Domino.


There is no EEPROM in the core processor but adding EEPROM is very simple or you can even use the dataflash shield we have on this website.

See this for eeprom
See for the “flash shield” with 16mbit of flash


Thanks for the fast reply. I guess I will probably just add a MicroSD card because that is easiest, but will consider in the future an EEPROM shield or RTC battery. BTW, I have a ChipworkX Dev. Board, EMX Dev. Board and FEZ Domino and love them all, especially the EMX. I would recommend the Domino, or if one can dish out the bucks, the EMX Dev. Board, to anyone wanting to get started in embedded design or any experienced users looking to greatly speed up development and testing time. You probably get lots of suggestions, but you should consider adding a small I2C or SPI EEPROM to some of the systems in the future.


Thanks for the kind words

You cam use EWR on EMX