Non-GHI Gadgeteer boards are starting to surface

This is very exciting and I can’t wait for the day where everyone makes awesome gadgeteer modules. I have seen some by the community already :clap: and now I see it from a company.

Here you go

I am waiting to see some code/schematics/samples to make sure those modules like the accelerometer/display will work on spider. This is what gadgeteer is about anyways.

This is so awesome!

Speaking of which. It would be nice to see same for GHI modules. I would like to design daisy module based on ghi implementation. :wink:

Yes yes but you need SDK before, right? :slight_smile: This is goal #1 now…we are already couple weeks late!

Need help? :wink:

Yes, make me more modules. Do not stop at the 2 you have :slight_smile:

Working on it. ;D

It is 3 actually. I did simple piezo too.

Interesting… 200mhz arm 9 main board for $109.

Yes faster processor but spider has more sockets, USB Host support, wifi option, and built-in ethernet too. So it is up to your needs.

@ Gus:

I see that they do provide settings for their LCD to use with EMX…

Would it be worth having a section the wiki hardware pages for user based gadgeteer modules etc? After all the hard work Architect has gone to with his modules (awesome POE BTW) it would be a nice place to show case and maybe give others some inspiration?

Microsoft is setting up a website to cover all this. I have seen a preview of it and it is awesome!

Interesting. Gus,will it be possible to add my modules to the gadgeteer codeplex or that site will cover it.

We will know when it is up soon. It looked complete so I assume very soon. I am very excited about it.

I am Spider all the way!

Non-ghi boards are just half the fun ;D :-[

Quick question? Would this board that I’m using be considered a gadgeter module even though it was not designed as one?

I ask because I see the SPI port on the mainboard and quite a few devices also have SPI ports.

A gadgeteer module should follow the specification for size, markings, type of connectors used, color of the board, etc. The specification is on gadgeteer site.

That driver that you have mentioned can be used to make a gadgeteer module.

Then I just got a bright idea!

@ Architect, I’ve been looking for that spec you mentioned but I haven’t found it.

EDIT I don’t know why this always happens to me. I’ll spend hours trying to figure something out, give up and ask a question, and not 10 seconds later I find the answer myself: [url][/url]

Look in CodePlex, there’s two documents. I think the one you want is called the module designers guide or something.