Nokia displays with Gadgeteer

Have anyone used the cheap Nokia LCDs to display gfx/text with their projects?

Got a few laying around and tought they might be usefull.

Got one Nokia 3510i LCD with a S1D15G14 controller that seems to be the easiest to solder. Tried to bit bang the clock/cs/data/rest pins from regular digital pins - but with no luck so far.
Also tried to use SPI (peeked at the Display N18 Module’s source code). Also no luck…

Any pointers?

If there is an Arduino driver for it, I would port that.

Here is what I’ve found so far:


Info about pinout’s

Some info about the LCD panel - and a lib (ctrl+f S1D15G14)

Interfacing with PIC

Some info about the display

The controller

Some C source - this was my first attempt to port using bitbang’ing


Looks like the Nokia 3510 and 5110 monocrome displays are more popular with Arduino. The 3510[em]i[/em] display is color and require some more memory/cpu to operate, that could be why…