No such page exists.!

Why are there so many broken links on this site? Initially I thought it was just a temporary thing during the move to 4.3 . :wall:

help us help you. Show an example ???

On the Support Page
.Net Gadgeteer -> Tutorials
.Net Gadgeteer -> Sockets
.Net Gadgeteer -> Trick & Tips
.Net Gadgeteer -> First Project

Link to the help file for updating TinyBooter for ‘Other’ devices in FEZ Config (the reason for my mini rant).

I believe there are quite a few more but I don’t have time to look for them at the moment.

ok thanks for helping clarify what you can’t find.

This is all caused by the clean up of the documentation library that was spawned by the 4.3 update. So it will improve, its just that it hasn’t been addressed yet.

Tutorials are all individually listed on the Docs page You’d have to tell us what kind of tutorial you were after

Sockets is now

Tips & Tricks, and First Gadgeteer project page - not sure what it had or where it went - what info are you looking for?

@ Jeff, looks like needs to be on your fix-it list. Might be worth pulling out that backup :slight_smile:

Before the 4.3 clean-up-mess, it was the 4.2 clean-up-mess, and the clean-up-mess, and the no-more-wiki clean-up-mess, and the […]

Moral of the story, use google, it’s the only way you’re going to find anything.

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Thanks for the links Brett.

It wasn’t that I was trying to find anything in particular except for the guide on updating the Raptor to 4.3. When the link from FEZ Config resulted in the ‘No such page’ and I couldn’t find the information immediately I went into a mini rant (blame alcohol - lack of it! :D)

@ godefroi - I certainly find Google a better way of searching this site.

Sorry for the issues. The Gadgeteer support page has been updated.

Many thanks Josh