No response from Wifi RN171

at first my Environment:

Windows 8
Internet Explorer 11 (Desktop or App)
Windows Phone 8
Fiddler 2
newest SDK (2014 R1)
FEZ Spider Board

I try some days to run the samplecode for the module.

My results:
I can connect with Windows or Windows Phone. Client and Access Point IP are given.
When i try to get in Windows Phone or Windows 8 i never get a respones (“HELLO”). When i check Request and Response with Firebug or F12 Tools on IE i see a good Request but never a Response.

When i run fiddler too (only running) and i connect new, i get my Response (“Hello”) one time. It seems the Connection are not closed, the Hourglass is rotating and after one request i must connect new to see the next Response.

Thanks for any help…

@ GHI: Please change the sample code!