No response from read file command


I need some input on what I am doing wrong.
Below is the string of commands I used to write “123AB” to a file called FILE1\READ1

It appears to create and write to the file, but the read command get nothing back, it’s the same as the write except an “R” instead of a "W"
Did I miss a command?

16:43:42 [TX] - I D:

16:43:42 [RX] - !00

16:43:43 [TX] - I M:

16:43:43 [RX] - !00

16:44:08 [TX] - O 0W>M:\FILE1\READ1.LOG

16:44:08 [RX] - !00 //appears to have created the file to wright too

16:44:22 [TX] - W 0>5 //setting up to write 5 bytes

16:44:22 [RX] - !00

16:44:26 [TX] - 123AB //the 5 bytes of data

16:44:26 [RX] - $00000005
!00 //??? it responds with send two !00’s

16:44:30 [TX] - F 0 //flush to write it to card

16:44:30 [RX] - !00

16:44:43 [TX] - O 1R>M:\FILE1\READ1.LOG //setup to read that file

                                                                            //no response from the SD module????????

Thanks for the help

Run the test again please but without the wire command. Can you initialize and read?

Also, you never closed the file handle.

@ billghi1 -

That come from previous commands, you didn’t clear them enough.
If no commands was sent before, it can be from the banner string. End of banner string still have “!00\n”.

You are opening same file that is still opened. Flush command just flush data, not close. Anyway it should return something, it is 0x21 as I just tested here.

Got it to respond.
Thank you for the help!

@ billghi1 -

Got it to respond.[/quote]

What was the problem, please? :))