No-Header Panda2

Does anyone know if I can acquire a Panda with no headers? I have a low form factor requirement and don’t need the power jack or any of the headers. I really don’t want to desolder 54 GPIO’s :slight_smile:

You could try the FEZ Hacker look here,

or you could wait for GUS to get his commercial hat on.

GHI can do anything you want :slight_smile: It is the quantity and cost that jump in.
You need 10? Just remove the headers manually. Need 1000? We can do it at no additional cost.

Now for the FEZ hacker board, if you do not care for GHI premium features and going open source, then Cerb40 is what you need

Of course there is always the option of taking the design files and having your own board made, and only populating what you want. Or just desolder things you don’t need :slight_smile:

Those 2x20 headers on the end of a Panda II are a real pain to desolder (hmm, maybe a pot would make it easier… but that might do bad things to the rest of the board…)

Heh; I want a Cerb40… I really do… but I need it to work this month heh (and I need all 4 UARTs)

Also sadly I only need 2 boards; with MicroSD support, and preferably without me having to do any SMD assembly (tho I can just take it to a proper lab and do it in an afternoon)

When the Cerb40 is a bit more mature; I’m all over it though! :slight_smile: After April is over I’ll even put my back into helpin it along too.

Looks like i’m going to take those headers off >_> I think I’m going to dremel the double header plastic off then heat/pull the pins… should be fun heh - I’ve never removed that big of a header before (any advice = more than welcome :slight_smile: )

The plastic part of the females headers (single rows) will come off fairly easily with some careful plier pulling. Then you can desolder the pins one at a time. Be careful not to delaminate the pin trace. It is not plated all the way through. Using a solder wick will help a lot.

You will probably have to vertically cut the double row into small chunks before applying the above suggestions.

My Panda2 works great after replacing the single row headers with some right angle male headers. It’s not quite as shiny, though :wink:

Thx heh; The singles came off really easily with just a little bit of wiggling with some needle nose.
The double i snipped in i think 4 places with some flush cutters and they also wiggled off quite easily - much to my surprise; first time i’ve actually WANTED to break one of those things :stuck_out_tongue:

Desoldering was meh - just time consuming. I didn’t end up using any wick because the pins were all really accessible (put vaccuum on one side, jam a filed-down soldering tip thru the other, suck, done) Thx for advice/confidence that I wasnt going to destroy something :slight_smile: