No emulator documentation

I just installed the 4.3 SDK and started VS 2012 and created a NETMF console app with transport set to Emulator.

The app runs and I see a gizmo emulator window.

It runs then exits (of course there’s no code yet).

But where is the documentation for that emulator?

It has a small display and some buttons etc but what do they do? how does one interact with these parts of the emulator?

I scoured the web and could not find one article that show how to write a simple test app that actually uses the emulator - only articles about extending the emulator.

As a NETMF beginner I don’t want to extend the emulator (yet) I just want to use the default emulator to get an idea of things.

So is there any guide/documentation at all that JUST shows how to actually code against the default emulator?


Try Window application template instead of Console application.