No digital output from pin on socket 6 (Spider)

Hi all, I just found out that socket number 6 on my spider is corrupted.
I connected a led7r and all of the leds except D5 turned on (The leds working fine on other socket). So, has anyone ever encountered that phenomenon? Is there anyway of fixing it? warranty? What do I do??

D5 is pin 7 on the socket by the way IO36/SPI_MOSI2. That definitely explains why your SPI IC is not working on that socket…

@ Architect - Yeah I guessed so… I don’t know what to do now, format the mainboard should do it? Any other idea how to fix it?

If you have a magnifying glass check the spot where pin 7 of the socket is soldered to the board. Check if it is a good solder joint. I doubt reflushing the board will help, but you can try.