No Debug.print output on Cobra 3

I am not seeing any debug output in the output window. I found a previous post on something similar that said to check a setting on options. That made no difference.

I’ve not installed anything new and using VS2013. Another board running the same firmware 4.3.8 with a different programme works so not sure why this new programme fails to show anything.

I am seeing firmware outputs but all of my Debug.Print’s are doing nothing.

Remove tin foil - problem solved :joy:

Ha ha.

I ran up the NETMF deployment tool and when I connect to the board I get debug output. I just don’t get it in VS2013.

Did you try to right click in the output window and check in the appearing menu that program output is not inactivated?


Well spotted. Didn’t even know about this and it was off.

I won’t forget this. Once searched for a long time.

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