No Board Diagram

Ok, so I’m new at this (.NET Gadgeteer that is)…

I got a FEZ Hydra starter kit.

Installed the GHI stuff, updated the firmware, etc…

Now, when I go to create a new project in Visual Studio Express 2012. Under Visual C# > Micro Framework I have Class Library, Console Application, or Window Application. If I create a new project using any of them, I never get that board diagram.

What am I missing?

Do you have Visual Studio 2010?

Yes, I have VS 2010 also.

In VS 2010 If I go to Visual C# > Gadgeteer and try to create a new project based on .NET Gadgeteer Application (NETMF 4.2) I get an error message that states:

The project file ‘C:\Users<myusername>\AppData\Local\Temp\ghe5sr2r.aeq\Temp\GadgeteerApp1.csproj’ cannot be opened.

The project type is not supported by this installation.

Just as a side note that might make a difference, I am working on a Windows 8 desktop.

Try install/repair 2010 installation. I have installed it after 2012 on my Win8. Works fine.

Same message in VS 2010 after a Repair. Can’t create a C# .NET Gadgeteer Application (NETMF 4.2)

Another thing that I did (originally) was I did install the NETMF 4.3. Do you think that could be causing this issue?

Probably. Try installing 4.2 and make sure it is selected when you creating new project.

Just on a lark from what you said about 4.3, I uninstalled 4.3 and installed 4.2 QFE2 and all seems to be well in VS 2010.

Thank you for the pointers in the right direction.