No background colour for text boxes

In the old Glide driver, we had Background color and a ShowBackColor setting for a TextBox. These seem to be missing from the UI Text element.

Without these, it becomes impossible to get the Glide driver to create the background for them.

We kind of need backward compatibility. Mifmasterz did a great job to convert Glide to SITcore and for the most part it works and works fast too.

Many customers will have invested time and money into the old hardware and the port to the new WPF way of doing things is a lot of work for them. I have quite a few projects that used Glide, both hobby and commercial and I’d like to have a way to port this over to SITcore with little effort.

Mifmasterz has done a fantastic job and a great coder. You should enlist his help to smooth this over to use the Glide library with WPF components, but said components need some missing features that where present in the old Glide ones.

Not really :grinning: we have glide as an experiment and to help out in case like yours. It is still not remembered and not supported. We have the UI library which can do a lot more.