nNode gets WiFi

nNode driving a ESP32 WiFi Bee

Simple NETMF 4.4 project uploading a 20k file in 2k chunks to a webserver.

Could just as easily be done with TinyCLR OS :blush:


Nice idea to send back data over an expensive Satellite connection to!

I can’t afford fancy sat comms so will have to settle for NB IoT next :joy:

Any idea on what the ‘compatibility’/coverage is for NB-IoT as far as ‘Remote Bush’ towers are concerned?. Like if you got Telstra Mobile coverage at a rural location, would that mean you got NB-IoT too?

Good question, depends on how remote you’re talking about…

Might be a question of suck it and see - NETMF and NB-IoT is cheap as chips so give it a spin :blush:


is that Telstra logo the Canterbury Plains dot centred on ChCh?

Nope, close but no cigar, looks like its invading Dunedin. Chch is the outtie just below AL.

too coastal for Dunedin. Middle of frikken nowhere. But an interesting place for Telstra to have coverage :rofl::rofl:

:joy: (10 chars)

what NB-IoT module are you going to give a whirl ?

I have some SIM7000G modules ready for some C# action :kissing_closed_eyes:

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module link? I can see a plethora of Ard* ones but not too many other form factor options…

Wash your mouth out with soap! You know I struggle with paperwork :rofl:

A picture will surface once they arrived back from manufacture…

Ah, then that’s interesting to know :wink: