NIST Radio Time Receiver

Did anyone use the NIST Radio Time Receiver to correct the clock on FEZ?
Does this Receiver better than using GPS to correct the clock on FEZ?


The time between this, an NTP time server and pretty much any ultra-accurate clock will be so close that it will be nearly impossible to tell the difference.

Accuracy is not noticably different, as Chris points out, so choosing which component to implement depends mostly on your budget. If you have a GPS or ethernet board, you’ve already got a way to get accurate time. If not, the price is right! The commnets on SF indicate the antenna is a bit flimsy, and some folks had trouble getting a signal in certain conditions. Certainly would be fun to experiment with, though. If you do get it, let the forum know how it behaves.

This seems fun, I’d like to get one to play with :smiley: ! However, due to the realatively weak radio signals it depends on, and the frequency used, I would advise not having it too close at least the antenna) to the FEZ board, as you might easily get interference from the FEZ harmonics… (they are really great piece of hardware, but some analog tests I have done arround tend to show they can be a little noisy especialy if using PWM).

Thanks, I will try it.