Nice offer, I think

For those who might be interested :

Nice board! I like the gaming shield.

FWIW, i would steer clear of their compilers, at least until they pull their head out of the sand.

I have a few of their boards like this and they are great. Their compilers are nice as well, however they have one serious drawback that once you get under the hood you may think differently.

For starters they dont support printf. Not a deal breaker, However take for instance the PIC32 compiler, without supporting printf, you cannot take any of Microchips examples and simply import them without quite allot of work removing all the printf’s they have in there.

Secondly, whatever internal registers the CPU has you cannot use any variable named that. Now that is Insane by any means. I tried their AVR compiler and since the AVR has an internal register of x you cannot use any variable named x!

Third, Now that they came out with the ARM compilers and dont support threading or even at the very least a limited RTOS they shot themselves in the foot !.

You cannot even take FreeRTOS and import it to theirs without spending hours and hours making it compatible with the compiler do to all the strangeness about it.

Who in the world is going to crate an app for a ARM7 @ 100+ mhz using straight line code methodology ? With out tasks your dead in the water even with all that speed.

I have told them about all these issues for over a year now and they just dont care.

That is good to know - thanks!

Indeed :o

Before coming to FEZ, I was using Phidgets and before that the Mikroe EasyPic6 board with their Pascal compiler. As a beginner in embedded world, I didn’t find anything that would have stopped me, except the variables names. And my lack of knowledge of course :hand:
But maybe more advanced users (even only one step after beginners) did find such drawbacks. This is a shame, as their boards are very good, to me.

Anyway, thank you for your feedback. It’s good to know.