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Nice G400 name in FezConfig


Now this bug made me smile :slight_smile:

Can anyone read it?!

I bet the firmware is again lost…


Maybe Dat can.


Maybe that’s some kind of Easter Egg :slight_smile: Whoever discovers it first, gets a prize :slight_smile: I want my prize!!!


Sometimes bad things make your day!


@ Simon from Vilnius - It says “A fatal error has occurred, please post a message on the GHI Forums for support”

:slight_smile: - Of course I am talking non-sense…


Maybe it’s a beta version? :wink:


Copy and paste into Google translate. Just for a laugh that is.

I think this is how they create all those manuals in English and a number of the t-shirts around this place. So many times do I also see XML and HTML quote codes in the wording.