Nice foundation for a cheap 400Mhz system

Similar CPU to the Hydra (AT91SAM9).

introduction price is just 11 euro about 15 $US

Good find. Too bad it’s vaporwear until June. Their WiFi for $10 is a cheap option. I wish GHI had a cheap WiFi option like that. The “low cost” option here is $40.

This is a Wifi USB module. You can find similar for anywhere between $5 and $10. However these expect the OS to provide the drivers.

I have been searching for a Wifi option for a long time now and that is SPI based. The TI CC3XX is the only one so far.

Having the OS provide the driver is reasonable on the faster and higher-memory devices, such as these. It’s why there’s $5 WiFi solutions for the RasPi, because the driver does all the heavy lifting, whereas on devices like the CC3000, the whole stack is baked into the hardware.

I am curious what embedded world will bring this year.