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Nextetion display


I’ve borrowed a HMI Nextation 5" enh display. I’ve never worked with this display, and in NETMF old archive there’s some users that tested them.
I found them an interesting solution for TinyCLR. They are quite easy to implement just using Usart and HMI Editor.
Anyone has seriously used this hardware?


I have used them with a ESP8266 and they work fine. The GUI editor is really poor quality when compared with what 4D Systems offer with their intelligent displays or even the FTDI Eve editor. The advantage of the Nextion is the price. Much lower.


Thank you Dave for the info.
I need to some buttons and info text display for a free of charge project, so 4D System lcd are out of budget. But although the Nextion editor is very minimalist many things can be done with this low cost displays.
I’m trying to understand command set that is very poor documented… anyway.


Why not port one of the Arduino drivers for it? At least you will have the command codes you need from that?


No need to port as it has already been done.


Yes ahahah, that is what I was thinking about … :roll_eyes:
But, then, I came through NextetionNet … I’ll take a look.