Next up in the lab

More waiting… :’(

@ munderhill - The page has reported
Estimated Ship Date: 30-May-2016
Estimated Ship Date: 06-Jun-2016
Estimated Ship Date: 07-Jun-2016
Estimated Ship Date: 09-Jun-2016

So it seems they are pushing the ship date back, but when you hover over the date the popup
shows “If you place your order today, your items will ship to you on 09-Jun-2016”

So maybe they are shipping chips? @ Justin, if you had placed your order back when it said May 30th if might be getting ready to be filled.
Keep us posted on our order status @ munderhill

Not looking good…might be something to @ Terrence’s conspiracy theory.

@ munderhill - oh, that is bad news. Maybe USA should convert over to 866 as @ Justin suggested. We would be set with those flush inventories.

Woohoo! Just shipped!


@ munderhill - Good news.

Fancy shipping container… :open_mouth:

@ munderhill - what are you brewing again ?

@ .Peter. - LoRa, interested?

Just Lora ?

Or is there more to it … MCU ?

Netmf or ?

Eu frequencies ?

@ .Peter. - Yes, it will be similar to my Mercury board, let’s call it “Pluto” (for long range). So a STM32F427, LiPo charger and LoRa radio in both US and EU frequencies. Interested?

Yes, sir …

But if you continue like this I’m afraid I have to pay the bank a visit through the backdoor though :whistle:

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@ munderhill - Well I would like to try one of these Plutos out. Can I switch my order from my past order to one of these?

@ Terrence - Not a problem :wink:

@ munderhill - Oh yes, and I like the 915 flavor.

@ munderhill - Check out this but report on the RN2903s

So, I powered up these boards today and…smoke!!! PCBs have shorts in them from the fab!!! So this project is on hold…

Finally, a smoke test that succeeds!

@ munderhill - Not that bad, … smoke signals are proven to be good for LongRange communication since long ago :whistle:

Can you explain more about why that happened? is it something that you missed or that they missed.