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Next Unread button


I really like having “View all Unread” button in forum.
Currently I drag the subject to another window so I won’t loose the list of unread posts, but it would be really convenient if there is a “Next Unread” button that I can click when I’m done reading a post.

Probably should go from newest to oldest, and it should skip older posts belonging to same thread as the newer one that I’ve read.


That would be fantastic. +vote for this feature.



Our web master showed me a HUGE list that we have for the forum. You will see a lot of changes in the coming month


Wonderful. Thanks!
Could you peek to make sure that one of those “feature” is better separation between posts?
I’m not proposing an exact UI, just illustrating what I meant by separation between posts.

The alternating colors are too subtle for me, and I think it would look ugly if they are more pronounced. so why not use good 'ol lines. :slight_smile:


I always open the new posts in tabs :stuck_out_tongue: