Im sorry that Im not more active in this forum but Im working on other projects that takes most of my time. That said Im here from time to time, mostly to check if there is a new SDK or a beta released so I can have all my FEZes updated.
So my suggestion is to have some sort of mailing list that anyone could get information from GHI on the latest releases and other new stuff. Say ones a week?

We use rss, twitter and Facebook. Any of these would help?

Im even less on face book then here. Dont use twitter, and the RSS feeds I have tried have been filled with noise so the important stuff just drowns.
I would rather have a regular email, but that might just be me :-[

And of course the news is on the front page ;D
Seen some great stuff coming by from you, Geir :slight_smile:
Love the bird cage 8)

You meen this Robert?
Then thank you :slight_smile:
My steampunk Ferrofluid stand is also a FEZ (Panda II)

And yes there is also the front page, but still its sort of polling. I would rather have an interrupt (aka email) when new SDK are ready for download :smiley:

Thanks for feedback, I will forward this to the right people.

Outlook has built-in RSS reader. Works great.

I am a huge fan of steampunk. You project looks just great!

Thanks architect.
Never tried outlook’s built in RSS reader, but ir works great :slight_smile:
Thank you for the tip :slight_smile:

You are welcome! ;D