News from Visual studio TFS site

May be most of you knows about the TFS site from Microsoft.

You can register for free and you can use TFS in the cloud, free of charge (for the moment) until 5 users. This can be accessed directly from VS2010 and VS2012. You can manage projects and collections of projects as in normal TFS, plus you can get also GIT visibility of source code.

I use this site quite a bit for my personal source repository. Used to have a server in my house that I did it at, but having it up in the cloud makes me not have to worry about losing any data if there was a fire or hardware crash.

They do have a pretty nice feature for using a privately hosted build server, which I did keep in my house. Works great too, though they did have an issue last week I believe where everything was quite slow.

TFS 2012 will run on Windows 8 now; so no more need for a server.