NewHaven NHVN Display Problem


I’ve just received both a 4.3" and 7" Newhaven display, a pair of NHVN modules and a GXP Gadgeteer Adapter to try these on my FEZ Cobra III. (NHD-4.3-480272EF-ATXL#-CTP (4.3" with capacitive touch) & NHD-7.0-800480EF-ATXV#-CTP (7" with capacitive touch))

I’ve wired in the 4 ribbons into T,R,G,B and powered up and the display powers up fine but remains blank. Both displays do the same thing. I’ve tried using the definitions from here:

On my G120E Dev board you get the bootloader screen showing straight away from power-up, should this be the case with these? I’ve also got a simple Glide screen showing up fine on the dev board but the same code isn’t working on the Newhaven/NHVN/GXP/Cobra combo.

I have since soldered on the GXP header pins on the NHVN module and plugged this in directly and it produces the same results.

Any help appreciated!



@ Chill - did you try to configure the display through your program or FEZ Config? If through a program, can you post it?


Through code. This is what I’ve got which works fine on the dev board:

//4.3" Displays
Display.Width = 480;
Display.Height = 272;
Display.OutputEnableIsFixed = false;
Display.OutputEnablePolarity = true;
Display.PixelPolarity = false;
Display.PixelClockRateKHz = 20000;
Display.HorizontalSyncPolarity = false;
Display.HorizontalSyncPulseWidth = 41;
Display.HorizontalBackPorch = 2;
Display.HorizontalFrontPorch = 2;
Display.VerticalSyncPolarity = false;
Display.VerticalSyncPulseWidth = 10;
Display.VerticalBackPorch = 2;
Display.VerticalFrontPorch = 2;
Display.Type = Display.DisplayType.Lcd;

// Load Glide windows from the application resources
GHI.Glide.Display.Window loadingWindow = GHI.Glide.GlideLoader.LoadWindow(Resources.GetString(Resources.StringResources.LoadingWindow));

// Show the loading window
GHI.Glide.Glide.MainWindow = loadingWindow;

LoadingWindow is just a simple Glide view.


@ Chill - You need to save those values for them to take effect. See for information on configuring the display.

Add this after your settings and if the system needs to be rebooted, it will only do this the first time these values are written or there is a change.

if (Display.Save())      // Reboot required?

Great thanks, didn’t realise this was the case. Might be worth linking the “Graphics” page on the "Display NHVN Developers’ Guide"
page as it’s not obvious to search for graphics for this. :slight_smile:

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