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Newcomers To Cobra, Make sure you check the Firmware!


I just received my FEZ Cobra board with 4.3" LCD. The only program i could get to work was the blinking led. every other example i tried failed. I was getting so pissed i was ready to whip it against the wall.
Mainly because i was so excited about getting it and nothing was working.

I then read this, and it solved all my problems, now the demos are working.

I figured that since i just got the kit they would have loaded it up with the latest software. This was not the case. Lesson here, NEVER ASSUME anything !


When you post on this forum you see the list in image below, look at item #1 :slight_smile:


YES! i am probably the largest fool here.


I work at GHI an I can’t count the numerous times I over looked this :slight_smile: This is very common