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Yep im just starting with spider but have a little problem.
~Everything look and sounds ok but im getting noting on the screen.
Also when i try and install GHI NETMF v4.1 and .net gageteer.
i keep getting the error no xlm file but the file is in the folder. I can install these but not from the setup.


You have 2 problems so lets fix one thing at a time.

For installation, did you follow this

You mus install 3 pieces of software.


Can you please add more detail about error message? We have 2 types error msg are related to xml file.
also make sure that you didn’t change anything in data.xml file.


I experienced a similar problem.

I had downloaded the program and was viewing the contents of the zip with the file explorer of Win7.
When I double clicked on the setup program I was having a problem.

The solution was to copy the contents of the zip file to another location, and execute the setup from there.


Yes you have to unzip the file first.