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Newbie question on 4.3 and PPP will cellular


I have a pending project, which needs cellular communication, and I am eagerly waiting for something serious to happen with cellular.

Can someone help me: With the introduction of NETMF 4.3 PPP will be a part of NETMF, which enables some improvements to the current cellular driver, which again gives networking over mobile with Gadgeteer…???

Am I right? :think:


In short, no. PPP support is not part of NETMF.

While the lwIP stack used in NETMF reportedly does support PPP, I’m not sure about the quality of this feature. I’ve heard of companies that reset the stack frequently to be able to use PPP. Anyway, integration into NETMF is also a challenge - just remember how long it has taken to make lwIP support for TCP in NETMF robust…

So any PPP offering today is GHI proprietary.


I’m in the same situation… Unfortunately PPP is not part of the .NETMF, it is included in the premium libraries from GHI, but is not supported in version 4.2 and 4.3 (yet). If PPP became part of .NETMF then I would be happy and while we wait for GHI.


Hi Niels,

I’ve given up for the present on any project with NETMF that requires a GPRS connection until such time as PPP is fully supported. I had a great project for the G400D and my new 5" CAP LCD but just a shame PPP is not there yet.

I had to switch to a Cortex based board running Android and right now I am in final stages of testing the software I developed for it and it works great. Have had to do a few tricks to get around network operator limits and hang ups but otherwise it is almost bullet proof and I after learning how to write it as a service (auto restarting), I can safely install this remotely when the time comes in a few months to roll it out.

I’ll still use NETMF for other projects where I don’t need GPRS, because development wise, it is far quicker to create a working project to demonstrate to the client.


Hmm, I have used a FRDM-KL46Z mbed board with a MultiTech socketmodem on top, working great.

This is not the way it is supposed to be for Gadgeteer… :think:


Nope. In fact, the reason I found GHI in the first place was because of the ChipworkX module and their PPP library for 4.1 :slight_smile:

I was using a Sytech Designs board but the client needed PPP for that project so I got myself a ChipworkX dev kit (still got it being used with the G400D now) and was able to port the software in a couple of days and add the PPP stuff. Now that the ChipworkX is no more and the G400D does not have PPP I have had to go back to using SMS only and this is not popular with the client but at least it works 100% without failures so they can live with it for the mean time but they are asking to be able to send the log files over GPRS so I need to find a solution. I may have to consider this Android system instead but it does mean porting of the C# code. (not too difficult as Java and C# are pretty close but still a few months work at the very least)