Newbie Question! AM/FM Radio module connecting to FEZ Spider Starter Kit

I was going to use this
Si4735 FM/AM Radio Receiver Breakout
from SparkFun with the Arduino but would rather go the .NET route since I know microsoft and .Net programming really well.

Is there any reason I could not connect this breakout board to the FEZ Spider Starter Kit ($250)? I assume I can add a breadboard to this device?

Welcome to the community!

The easiest way to connect to a breadboard is to use the Extender Module

Looking at the data sheet, I see no reason that you should not be successful connecting this to a Spider.

You can use the Extender modules in the Spider Starter Kit to help make connections to this breakout board, most conveniently by soldering header pins onto the Extender and onto the breakout board so you can easily plug them into a breadboard. You’d still have to write software though of course, there looks to be some documentation and a programmer’s guide [here] although if you can find some existing Arduino code might be quicker to just adapt that. Looks to be 3.3V, so it’s possible it might even be trickier to run on Arduino than Gadgeteer, as Arduino has 5V logic levels, which might need level shifters to translate between 3.3V and 5V.