Newbe question about fez hydra and programming it

Hi guys, i’ve got a new fez hydra just yesterday. I would like to program it using linux and opensource software. There’s a way?
Also there is a good tutorial anywhere on the net to starting on?


downloads and tutorials on the top of this page

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Rajesh put an excellent tutorial on how to build and run Linux on Hydra:

No i wouldn’t put on it linux, i would like to create software using linux as OS and so all my programs on it (gcc/emacs/g++/mono).

There’s a way?

You must program for .NET Micro Framework using Visual Studio. If you don’t have a Windows machine, consider running a virtual machine under linux.

Note: I don’t know if anyone has tested Hydra or Spider using a virtual machine under linux.

There were attempts to port MF Mono way, but I dont know the current state of it. Search the web.