New website is up

Please browse around and let us know of any concerns. We are still updating product images.

Next is to update docs with SITCore schematics.

And then the announcement :slight_smile:


Tech-doc link is broken

On what page?

Looks like a of them

support page on the mobile site. the link is

Should all be fixed now.

Yes. Good :+1:

The text on the images cannot be read because of the colour. This on the bottom of the homepage.

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New website looks great!

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I agree :ok_hand:

We have updated most images from 3D rendering to real photos. Few more to go still.

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We are working on it, thanks.

It is fixed now

That actually works! It looks good. Might have to swipe that html.

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Minor typo fix on System on Modules - GHI Electronics

Achieve ultimate security with an entire system running on internal memories. External memories are optional and only used for nonsensitive data, like image buffers. All that is achieved trough the SITCore Chipsets.

s / trough / through

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SCM20100N appears in the Comparison list
SCM-20100E appears in the the Ordering Info

No pics of either?

One is a typo, fixed. The 100E photo is coming up, stay tuned.