New ways to spell 'button'?

Now I have to admit that when I was a young buck I got into Engineering as frankly I couldn’t spell and couldn’t stand having to take one more English course, so when I notice spelling issues etc, they have to be bad and really this is worth a laugh or two. Later I took a Computer Science degree in order to fully reap the benefits of spell checkers :slight_smile:

I was stoked (yes stoked, so high fives all around) when my shipment of new modules arrived today and in that shipment was a IR Receiver Module with Remote and its the instructions in the Remote which broke me up:


Power Button: Press power button to turn on TV receptor.
Volume Bottons: Use volume+or-buttons to select audio level
Channel Butoons: Use channel +or-to select desired channel
Mute ButtomPress mute button to put on/off audio

I think to cover off their bases they attempted just about every conceivable spelling of ‘button’ just so they would get it right at least once, either that or they were drinking heavily while writing this as the further they went the worse it seems to get.

The other thing I love is how thin paper is in China as certainly they get the best possible milage out of every tree used.

Spelling aside, I can hardly wait to try out my new goodies, thanks.




Hey, I got the same sheet.

I suspect the misspellings were a result of sniffing the noxious chemicals that waft out of the bag when you open it…ugh!

But give them credit. They spelled “button” right at least as often as they spelled it wrong (3 each). :wink: