New version of the book with USB client

The book has been updated (on wiki only) to reflect the latest firmware which supports USB client. We are also moving to VS2010 and NETMF 4.1 very soon so the book is adjusted to compensate for the changes.
(link removed)

If you are translating the book or had translated it in the past then please use this this version to update yours. Make sure the book says 1.02 when you download it and find the USB client section near the end of the book. The browser cash may still get you the old file so please check.

This is some detail of what I have changed so it is easier for you to fix your translation

removed the note on using VS2008
fixed text to VS2010 instead fo VS2008
fixed version to 4.1 instead of 4.0
updated the link to the download

added an “important note”

page 102: rewrote RTC section. Was all wrong since it was made for NETMF 3.0 but now we are on 4.1

Added a new USB client section and multiple subsections in it.

Removed “USB Device” from “missing topics” section

BIG thank to Sam who did go over the whole book and fixed any types and grammar errors. Also thank to the user translating the book.

I just finished the second round, read through the new released eBook (1.02),
I did revised a paragraph on section 16.1, that say:
“A byte can be 255 max, so what if we increment it? Because the maximum number a byte can hold is 255, incrementing the value by one overlap the value back to zero.”

to be

The maximum number that a byte can hold is 256 [0…255], whats going to happen if we increment it to 255? By incrementing the value by one would overlap the value back to zero.

the second thing that I did was,
change all the fonts in the sample box to be “Consolas” ( I like the font, as it is easier to read.)

I wil send the zip file of edited eBook to you in the seperalted email.


Ok the book is updated on the wiki, version 1.03 now with power modes and watchdog. Please see and add the reversions for 1.03