New user - build your own Gadgeteer on a breadboard

Hello, first time poster and new to Gadgeteer-technology, i will be ordering FEZ Spider Starter Kit tomorrow. I have worked some with the arduino and was wondering if there was away to build out projects on a breadboard similar to the “build your own arduino” project found here

Thank you.

Of course you can and has been done many times. What do you have in mind?

Welcome to the community and we look forward to seeing your “custom modules” :slight_smile:

Remember to pick up some of them extender modules. They will help you make easy connections to a bread board.

Not exactly similar, because there are no controllers running .NET MF in DIP package. But the good news is that you can use Fez Cerb40 :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your responses.

The Fez Cerb40 looks like promising alternetive.

Do you know if there are any plans to make a controller running .NET MF in DIP package.

Thanks, Tim

@ tpatrick - Hiya Tim, what do you mean by a controller?
The Cerb40 is running version 4.2 of the framework.

Doubtful, but stranger things have happened here! Why are you specifically interested in breadboarding the MCU? BTW - I’ll second the Cerb40 recommendation. I’ve prototyped several ideas with these before building more permanent circuits.

I was just trying to see how one would take something from a prototype to permanent circuits with out using one of the mainboards. I don’t have anything in the works but i just was curious as i have made a few small projects permenant with the arduino.

Thanks again.

Could he use a USBizi100/144 for this?

Granted it would be limited to Framework 4.1 and it’s not in the DIP format.

Yes, but he would have to build a custom breakout PCB for the chip. Essentially, it’s the same idea as the Cerb40, but a different chip…

I was just thinking if his goal is to take just a controller/chip and build up the entire system around it, then that’s the only GHI solution.

But I do agree the Cerb40 would be the most prototype friendly solution from GHI.

Are these still available for purchase?

I’m still in the breadboard phase of my electronics development – but I can see myself wanting something like that down the road.

Hi @ tpatrick

As everyone has mentioned, most of the devices we use in netmf land don’t come in DIP equivalent packages. Some of the processing units come as “modules” with more than just the processor itself, but the simplest self contained device is the Cerb40 as you’ve been pointed to. If you wanted to do anything more permanent for some of the other processors, then you’d typically need go to the level of detail of designing a custom board and mounting the module on it.

You’ll find these are pretty powerful devices compared to Arduino, in my view they have a much higher ability to "value add’ than your typical arduino project would need, but with that comes a higher price of entry.

Sure they’re available for purchase, or they wouldn’t be listed on the wiki :slight_smile:

And they are, I’m not afraid to say, awesome :wink: