New USBizi144 Chipset Startup

We are trying to bring our board up for the first time and running into some issues getting the USBizi144 chipset to be recognized through USB debugging interface.

Couple of questions on BL and Mode,

We have BL low and Mode high, are these discretes set correctly?

We are following the instructions of bringing up the USBizi144 for the “First Power-up” from the USBizi_User_Manual.pdf.

We are using this configuration for the BL and Mode, are there any other configuration to be aware of and is there a way to probe the chip to ensure it has not been damage/broken.

Thanks in advance.

Does your schematics match FEZ Domino’s?

BL should be high.

When I built my boards with the 100-pin chip they came up in bootloader mode all by themselves, i.e. they had the bootloader but no firmware. You will see a virtual COM port created in Device Manager only until you load the firmware on it.

Thanks guys for the help the chip is up and running now, one more quick question.

Using the USBizi144 Chip I want to access these pins…

            SPI.Configuration SPIConfiguration = new SPI.Configuration((Cpu.Pin)FEZ_Pin.Digital.IO12, // Chip Select Pin IO12* PO.6                                                                            false, // IC is accessed when chip select is low
                                                                                0, // Setup Time
                                                                                0, // Hold Time
                                                                            false, // Idle : false = Idle Low : true = Idle High
                                                                             true, // Clock Edge : true = rising edge / false = falling edge
                                                                             4000, // 4 MHZ clock speed
                                                             SPI.SPI_module.SPI2); // Use 2nd SPI bus

I am not sure what libraries I need to add, the only one that allows me access is the Cobra one and it throws an error when I try to run that.

I believe that the FEZ pin configurations are for GHI boards only. You should use the actual cpu pin numbers or develop your own pin mappings for your board.

You are using the FEZ pin enum and this is incorrect. You have USBizi and you should use USBizi pin enumeration. See GHI library documentation please.

yeah I just found it, thanks sorry was in a hurry trying get through this!

Thanks again for your help!