New USBizi Firmware Updater Application

We put together a USBizi updater application. It will erase the device then update the firmware from the SDK.
So when the firmware needs to be updated, just run this application. No need for Tera Term.
Hopefully this will make things easier.

The USBiziUpdater.exe is now part of the GHI NETMF and .NET Gadgeteer package. Which is #3 under system preparation.

Edit: This is now part of the SDK.

Thank You ! FEZ became even more easy :smiley:

Just tried with a brand new Few mini and a Fez pandaII, and it worked at the first try for both :slight_smile: !

I eventualy suggest a new item “device capability” in the menu or anything to check the installed version before upgrading.

Thank You Again !


Just tried this out on a new board I built, very 'F’un and 'E’asy :slight_smile:

Is it a custom board?
Show the picture.

The application is updated with more options like get version number.

Perhaps a link to these updater programs could be placed in the Downloads section? That sure would make them easier to find :slight_smile:

I would like them even on wiki and in manuals as well

This will be a good move while we move to NETMF 4.2

is there a .net 4.3 update for fez cobra?

It is based on EMX so the answer is yes. I recommend starting new threads instead of replying to a three year old thread in the future.

Welcome to the community.