New Unobtainium

Or is it? :smiley:


Sigh. wish I could design pcbs on a whim. that would be so cool. so cool.

Is there one with an RF chip? I’d be all over that.

@ mikef - What type of RF?

well nothing materialised when you last visited me, so yes, it’s still unobtanium :slight_smile:

@ Brett - But you have greased the palms of creativity with beans…so upon your return from swanning around the globe you will have a package :wink:


Print and be dammed…so its be sent to manufacture…

And to keep the bleeding edge brigade happy i have routed out JTAG so it can play nice with Llilum…


That is a bright shade of green. What is it called? Loaded Watermelon?

Oh… weird…“ module” is an anagram of “Unload Watermelon”

So… Nevermind!

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The same one on your Gadgeteer board would be fine.

Very nice! Will it use the G30 or G30 or something of your own?

Have you already paired it with an enclosure of the same size?

@ Justin - [em]Ehm[/em] how do I [em]see[/em] [em]you[/em] ? 010100010001 ?

@ Justin, well from my oxygen deprived vantage point of 9,500 ft in the mountains of northern New Mexico, it looks like unobtainiam to me. But that email says different.

Looks really great.

@ Justin - Solar! Oh that is just killer. I think I ask this before but is there a lipo charger on board? Solar -> Lipo ?
(camping next to mailbox) ;D

@ Justin - Nice domain you got there! Any bites on the asking price?

@ Terrence - This answer your question?

As to price…if you have to ask you cant afford it :smiley:


You missed one! U4



@ Justin - Beautiful.

@ Dave McLaughlin - haha

U4 is the system flux capacitor

@ Peter - No GPS on this one…

@ Terrence - i guess at some stage you will need to tell me where your letterbox is :wink: