New Tunes module

I see this slipped into the catalog without me noticing :slight_smile:
Socket: P
Size: 32mm x 22mm
Weight: 15g
3.3V Consumption : 15mA - 30mA

New products now show automatically here with RSS feed :slight_smile:

@ Gus Hehe thats where i saw it this morning. Anyway what are you doing working? You should be with your wife and newborn :slight_smile:

Now that Gus has a newborn, he will be up at all hours of the night. Support is going to get even better! :slight_smile:


Please continue to post new products on the forum and Twitter. RSS is so yesterday… :wink:

I thought you guys want the bublic beta-test program for G400? That is why I am here. Sure, will delay this :wink:

Settle down Gus - that’s dangerous talk!!!.
Hugh…i know where you live…

Well now that you mention it… :smiley:

How many of these could you run simultaneously? I take it they use PWM channels? Is it possible to have multiple tunes modules simultaneously playing different frequencies?

@ Blue Hair Bob - Using a break out you should be able to run 3 off a P socket i would be picking

Actually not as all PWM channels share the same source clock. But in some cases, there are 2 or more channels and then it is possible. You will need the CPU datasheet to determine how many channels.

Thanks Gus, that is what I suspected.