#New Toys!

I’m so excited i’m about to lose control and i think i like it… :rofl:

Check these bad boys out…


Yes i know im sad… :yum:


And the fun begins

NZ Post really got their act together fast on that. Are you glad I let it pass thru Sydney unscathed (or so you think :slight_smile: :smile: )

i did wonder :grimacing:

Christmas in winter for you guys - how about that!!!

where “you guys” equals “Justin”, yes you’re correct :slight_smile:

No need to be bitchy :yum:

oh darlin, you haven’t seen me be so :slight_smile:

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Lucky you. Fez portal display is bigger than I thought :).
I need to place my order at mouser as they are now on the list.

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Time’s up!!! What have you built???

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Alas there is a slight delay in creating the first demo goodness as my DHL support packages are stuck in dirty old Auckland. Looks like the first Peter Jacksonesk cinematic SITCore marvel will be mid next week :cry:

Mouser is now showing a shipping date of Sept 1 for the feather and stick…

Don’t worry about those dates. A lot is happening behind the scenes and we are trying to rush it all.

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ready to order…

Any news about SOMs availability in low quantities ?

well I have ordered some of the new boards (mouser) . At the order time, the availability was Aug, then i received a notification from mouser. 2 of the 4 will be available in July. today I got another one and I was expecting to get another good news and have them all in July. unfortunately, it’s all bad news. tarfget date is now sept for all :frowning_face:

Still no news ? Is there something wrong happening ?

All going as planned. Full production is happening as we speak

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Many thanks to the GHI team!
Now our new projects will receive an incentive to develop.

Yum Yum Yum…

We made an order for modules from a local supplier last week - we were given a delivery time of 8 weeks. We hope that we will receive them by the end of summer.

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Production started on all boards today except for portal. Distributors well start seeing stock in 2 weeks.