New to .NET Gadeteer, help with Visual C# setup

I am new to the .NET gadgeteer system and I’m having a few problems getting everything up and running. I have the FEZ Cerbuino Bee board and I am getting an error when using the .NET gadgeteer appplication wizard. I’ve had a look on the internet and I can’t find an obvious solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Welcome to the community.

Could be an installation problem. have you following the directions on .NET Micro Framework – GHI Electronics?

What version of Visual Studio are you using?

make sure you are targeting 4.2 in your project property and NOT 4.3…

If that doesn’t help, Post the error please…

@ Jay Jay - the error is on the posted image.

Ooops my bad replied from a mobile, couldn’t see the image… :slight_smile:

I appear only able to install virtual studio 2013 which does not allow 4.2 to be installed. Does anyone have a link to 2012?

Thanks for your replies.


I just looked and I see them all there from link #1

I may see the confusion. The GHI SDK is “NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2013 R2”, but the 2013 does not refer to Visual Studio 2013. It refers to the year the SDK was released.

Micro Framework does not currently run under 2013.

Here is the link to Visual Studio 2012:

Gus, we cannot get any longer to 2012 version from the current Visual Studio website, because current website have 2013 version on it pronto. To get 2012 version users should go through Download Center.

@ alexpodlesny - I just checked and it is still available. Scroll down to see additional software. However, your direct link is better so we will update the website. Thanks

Thanks for all of your help guys, finally got there. Now to bombard you all with questions about coding the device…

Thanks again.