New subforums

Hello Gus (or who ever is responsible for this :slight_smile: )
Iโ€™d like to introduce the idea of adding one or some more subforums here for different things:
[ulist]Specific forum for code examples and tutorials
Errors and bugs

The current forum is even NOW pretty unstructured and itโ€™s hard to find useful things :wink:

Imagine how that will be in some more months :slight_smile:

I would be happy to write some cool tutorials for different types of sensors etc, but with the current forum this work will be lost pretty fast :wink:

We have wiki for tutorials and code site for code.

Thanks for the suggestion but โ€ฆ

Specific forum for code examples and tutorials and
Support โ€“ GHI Electronics

Errors and bugs
We handle these within the productโ€™s category for now and it seem to work well

we have it already