New Star Trek Series

Alright nerds, add this to your 2017 calendars…


Only one episode OTA, the rest online (exclusively on CBS All Access).

TV providers need to get their act together. When we said we want a-la-carte television, we definitely didn’t mean that every station should start up its own streaming service with its own devices, apps, websites, and interfaces. Bleh.

I think this is a bad idea and setting a bad precedence. :naughty: However, I’ll still be laying down my monthly payment as a long time Trek fan.

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Being a trekkie too, and since this is to USA exclusively, so I reckon I can’t subscribe, I thought I’d contribute the annual subscription fee to a highly illogical movement …

As long as they continue giving access to people who already pay through other avenues (UVerse, Comcast, etc.), I don’t really mind. A-la-carte television is just a dream. The simple math that most people use is $100 / 200 channels = $0.50/month per channel. So, it must be cheaper to just buy the ones you actually watch, right? Supply & demand economics doesn’t work that way…

I do find myself streaming more & more television directly from the channel’s websites (primarily because my wife is a TV hog and its easier to just watch from my computer while doing other work…). Its actually a really smart move on their behalf because there’s now no way for me to skip the commercials. If I DVR the show, I can. If I stream it, I can’t. I suspect this will become more & more popular and the pay fee is only there for people that don’t pay for TV by other traditional means.

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I’m sure every episode will be available online through other means within 30 minutes of broadcast.

I did pay for each episode of “vikings” to stream via amazon prime. I dont mind that - it’s worth it to me.

I’ll probably pay too. I pay to watch my SJ Sharks down here in NZ.

I haven’t paid a subscription for TV for a few years now. An HDHomerun records shows from the air (which still exists, and is still free), and I watch them whenever it’s convenient. Add Netflix and Amazon Prime, and I’ve got plenty of stuff.

Subscribing per-network isn’t what bugs me, it’s the fact that Chromecast doesn’t play Amazon video, and Roku needs a remote (Chromecast really got that right), and …

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We use Fire TV Stick most of the time. We even took it with us to Aruba. By the way totally different Netflix content there vs US (much more movies).

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Waste of time gimmic. Sorry but I’m not falling for that. 2017?! Cmon i’m not falling for that.