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New Spiral Video


Spiral 1.5 drops tomorrow once the docs are done. Check out the video and change log below.

[ol]Improved Touch Calibration
Fixed Listbox Scrolling
Speed Improvement to Radiobuttons
Added Picturebox control
Added TinyBitmap class
Added Textbox
Added VirtualKeyboard
Added Print Screen
Removed Emulator




Best $12 I’ve spent in a while!


That comment totally makes my day; really glad you enjoy it! Look forward to seeing what you think of tomorrow’s upgrade.


Very sweet…now go back and finish the game engine for me :slight_smile:


Haha, on it Gus!

Any particular game type you’d like to see next?


Any game with a fez monkey in it :wink:


The latest version of Spiral has been officially released. I hope you all enjoy it! ;D


Hi Thomas,

I just paid and downloaded ;D

But it’s the old version ??? The 1.0.5 :’(

Where is the last ?

Best Regards


That’s the right version, I just posted the wrong number here :wink:

You can confirm by checking the doc and seeing all the new features in there. Sorry for the confusion; I’ll correct my other post


OK :stuck_out_tongue:

But I have some troubles… See on your forum here :


@ Flid,

Your Panda II’s firmware is old. Update it and things should run. Also be aware there is a known issue w/ streaming images while the debugger is attached. Debugger = stupid memory issues; everything runs fine without the debugger though.


Another question :smiley:

I paid today for this new old version :smiley:

Nexts release will be free ? And how ::slight_smile:



Point releases are free, yes. Your download code remains active and you will receive an automated email every time there is an update available which will remind you of your link.

I do try to make things as easy as possible 8)