New SitCore board comes to life

So far so good, she boots up and SitCore connects to TinyCLR Config. All the power supplies are correct voltage. Nothing smoked so lets hope everything else works too.


This is a beautiful design.

Nice work there Steve. All hand soldered by the looks of it too?

I can’t wait to move to Perth and start making stuff again. An extra month twiddling my thumbs with only software to work on is getting boring now. I need a hardware fix :slight_smile:

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Thank you.

@Dave_McLaughlin the through-hole components are hand soldered. The surface mounts are hand placed. Used a stencil for solder paste. I went with PCBWay for the boards. So far happy with them except I got hit with a $250 tariff once they arrived here in the USA.

I have orders for 15 that I need to get done ASAP. (Still need to finish software too.) After that, I will be looking for someone to quote the assembly. I wonder who I could find in North Central USA that could quote on PCB assembly. . . . .? :thinking: :wink:

Can you take a picture off the board next to a pencil?

For small batches in the past, I used MyroPCB in Canada, which uses factories in China and they have been really good. The finished quality has been superb and no complaints from my customers. You do of course have to pay import duties, but as I drop ship to the client, they paid that. :slight_smile:

I didn’t have a pencil handy.
Board is 3.875" x 1.75", 6 layers. This is first rev. I already found a few mistakes but nothing that affects board size.


Getting closer to the finished product. There is still a lot of software work on the device and in the cloud to finish but the hardware is pretty much done.


Oh that is some real nice work