New shiny finally arrived :-)

Now I just need to find time to play with it :wink:


Any big plans for it?

Mainly as a media centre (using XBMC which as been ported to it)


I got mine at the end of last week. I tried to set it up but ran into a problem with keyboard compatibility. It seems that the Debian USB drivers are fussy about the keyboard and mouse used. I put it aside.

Curious to hear about your experiences.


Oh look it is real…
ok i guess i will go ahead and register now…
Keep us up to date please…

Not a good start, slid in the SD card and the plastic that held the card in place instantly cracked before I could push it fully in. I’m going to have to come up with a new way to hold the SD card in place.


Makes on appreciate GHI! :slight_smile:

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Looks like I’m not the only one with an SD card reader problem.

I’m tempted to get a new holder and re-solder it in.


Hi all,

Does anyone know where I can get one of these?

Trying to search through different parts sites is turning up a blank.

I can get similar ones but the card detect pins do not match.

Any help gratefully appreciated.



Can you just glue piece of acrylic or any other plastic on top? Or was there something else that broke?

I’ve tried that and it doesn’t seem to put enough pressure on the card to make proper contact. I put a tiny thin piece of cardboard on the top of the sd card as I put it in and the plastic part popped off again.

I thought it would be easy to solder another one on, if I could only find one.


HOT Glue… :slight_smile:

I did manage to get it to run XBMC using an elastic band, pen top and a small piece of cardboard and that seemed to work really well on it.


How does it perform with XBMC?

@ EriSan500 (Eric) - From the little time I had to play with it at work. The UI seems a bit more responsive than the AppleTV 2 version. I didn’t get chance to try out playing a DVD as the Linux running on it didn’t recognise my powered hub.

If I can fix the SD card socket. I’ll give it a proper testing. (Using NAS on the network).


There are 5 ppl at work that own a raspberry. I was about to order one, but backed of when they moved their production to China. From what I have heard, the raspberry performs very well with OpenGL shaders, but if you try to do anything else that requires a little more CPU instead of graphics acceleration, you can see that it’s a slow CPU. One of them is now trying to overclock it to 1Ghz :slight_smile:

Even then they still won’t beat the Tegra2 board I have on my desk :wink:

[quote=“WouterH”]Even then they still won’t beat the Tegra2 board I have on my desk :wink:

Have you started an NetMF port to it yet? :smiley:

Going to go for this reader. Looks like it will fit and I’ll have to solder the SD card present pads together.


I didn’t get chance to try out playing a DVD as the Linux running on it didn’t recognise my powered hub.[/quote]

I got mine almost two weeks ago. Was quite surprised that RS shipped it via DHL.

I have played a bit with XBMC, mostly with XBMC. Only booted Debian once… :slight_smile:

XBMC playes my ripped DVDs nicely, but, from what I understand, the MPEG2 hardware codec has not been licenced, so DVD is out… :frowning:

My only gripe is that sound is very soft. I strongly suspect that it is still a software bug, but I have enough Gadgeteer work to keep me busy, so I have not had time to investigate…

@ GMod(Errol) - From what they have said, the current version has had no work done on it for the Pi platform, it’s a straight port. So it can only get better (Hopefully :wink: )