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New SDK version


Hello ,
anybody knows if the problem: Wiznet W5100 DHCP does not renew when it expires
is solved in the new SDK version ?



From the release notes page:

[quote]Known Issues
Wiznet W5100 DHCP does not renew when it expires[/quote]



Is there any trun around for this problem ?
Usaually I´m not able to see the Fez domino if it is connected to a phisical router port and I have the DCHP computer in the wireless network.


Is it possible to set a timer that trigger DHCP lease renewal?


That is the way I addressed it in the netconfig class

  • Allow the user to chose to reset the wiz5100 chip every x hours
  • or at fixed times
  • or automaticaly when the network is loss / restored (cable plugued)
    Then it renews the DHCP lease.

ResetTime = new DateTime(DateTime.Now.Year, DateTime.Now.Month, DateTime.Now.Day, 1, 0, 0);
MyNetConfig.AutoReinitialize(ResetTime,new TimeSpan(24,0,0)); // Reset network Every 24h hours at 1am
// We could have also chosen to reset it simply every 6 hours
//MyNetConfig.AutoReinitialize(DateTime.Now.AddHours(6),new TimeSpan(6,0,0));

However, you don’t renew the lease according to the dhcp server lease time (which is basicaly unknown). Anyway, I found usefull to reset the wiz5100 on a regular basis to avoid troubles or bugs. I had panda / domino boards running http server and udp clients for several months without crashing, using this way !


Thanks Joe and Nicolas for the suggestions