New SDK Spider USB issues

Hi, I am struggling with deploying from VS2012 to my spider. Did some Cerberus work yesterday, all working fine. Now its time for Spider, and I cannot deploy.

When I plug it in, windows say “Cerb-Family” in devices.

VS iterates to 60 before giving up.

FEZ Config says EMX_EMX ok. (firmware is at 4.2.11) not upgraded yet.

Do I need to upgrade firmware? Or do I need some USB installation stuff?

Winusb drivers? Reset the pc?

Especially changing boards without rebooting…

USB > Serial > USB…

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I did reboot the machine twice. Not sure what you mean by winusb? I have installed the latest SDK, doesnt it change the usb-drivers?

@ njbuch - Can you go into the project properties, under the NETMF tab, change the transport to serial then back to USB and click in the device box a few times (essentially what Justin said). Sometimes VS does not automatically update the board.

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Thanks John (and Justin) it worked. I am getting old, as I clearly remember this trick now.