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New SDK is online


Update 3/5/2010

SDK refresh is now online:

  1. fix a bug in 9600 UART baud
  2. add XML support
  3. update documentation


    Dear FEZ Friends!

    We are very happy to announce that the new FEZ SDK is now online (see downloads).

    With this release, FEZ is now joining the standard GHI NETMF SDK. This means that code running on FEZ will run on any other GHI Electronics NETMF products, like EMX and ChipworkX.

    This release also adds USB Host support allowing you to connect almost any USB device to FEZ and make it work with very few lines of code.

If you ordered your FEZ board/kit anytime before March 1st 2010 then you must update your firmware.If you downloaded the SDK or any files from website before February 26st 2010 then you need to check for the newer version.<<

Updating firmware is detailed in the FEZ tutorial.

This video also shows how to update the firmware.


We forgot to mention that you no longer need to use the file “FEZDomino_11_Pins.c” since we have it built in the new SDK now.

In other words, if you have a file called “FEZDomino_11_Pins.c” in your project then just remove it.