New SDK 1.0.14 is online

A new SDK is online that covers an important bug fix for in-field update. We also found a little bug when using the 7" display with ChipworkX, as explained here

Finally, some users needed to use very low SPI clock rates and this release lets you go really low on the clock!


O great, I just upgraded to 4.1.5 yesterday :o

Yes it was online yesterday :slight_smile:

Hello ! Thank you for the update !

Just to let you know that the big red link “Update your firmware” to youtube on the Downloads page seems to be dead…

Yeah we missed those, we will update shortly. We moved all videos here


I just downloaded the new version and I think I’m seeing some strange things with the version numbers.
Tinybooter seems to be version 1.08, where it was 1.09 in SDK 1.0.13
If I include references in a project they still seem to be version, where I would expect

Is this correct or is something wrong with my system. I did uninstall the previous version before I installed SDK 1.0.14.


Hi there Olloc did you start a new project and confirm? If you just opened an old project then you need to remove all references from the GHI SDK and then re-add them. Also you should validate the readme in the SDK directory has the right version…

@ olloc. Just to be sure. Did you upgrade the firmware on your fez device as well after installing new sdk?